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Salient Features


Dedicated Freight Corridors are proposed to adopt world class and state-of-the-art technology. Significant improvement is proposed to be made in the existing carrying capacity by modifying basic design features. The permanent way will be constructed with significantly higher design features that will enable it to withstand heavier loads at higher speeds. Simultaneously, in order to optimize productive use of the right of way, dimensions of the rolling stock is proposed to be enlarged. Both these improvements will allow longer and heavier trains to ply on the Dedicated Freight Corridors.


The following tables provide comparative information of the existing standards on Indian Railways and the proposed standard for DFCC

Upgraded Dimensions Of DFC


Feature Existing On DFC
Moving Dimensions    
7.1 m for Western DFC
5.1 m for Eastern DFC
Container Stack
Single Stack

Double Stack
Train length    
Train Load    

Upgraded Design Features Of DFC


Feature Existing On DFC
Heavier Axle Loads    
Axle Load  22.9t/25t
32.5t/25t for Track Superstructure
Track Loading Density    
Maximum Speed
Single Stack

Double Stack
Grade Up to 1 in 100 1 in 200
Curvature Up to 10 degree Up to 2.4 degree
Traction Electrical(25 KV) Electrical(2x25 KV)
Station Spacing 7-10 Km 40 Km
Signalling Absolute/Automatic
with 1 Km spacing
Automatic with 2 Km
Communication Emergency
Sockets/Mobile Train Radio
Mobile Train Radio
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